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About Us

Cambro. is a full line supplier of Domestic and Import Remanufactured Disc Brake Calipers. We have in stock a wide variety new and remanufactured disc brake calipers for the complete automotive industry. Cambro Products Inc. has been a family owned and operated business since 1977. Being a family operated business, we take a personal interest in our company's integrity, the product quality and our customer satisfaction.

Our Mission:

To remanufacture the highest quality disc brake calipers and provide aftermarket services at a competitive price, while maintaining exceptional customer service and upholding good citizenship as a company.

Quotes from the Owners:

"With the dedication of all our employees, we ship all orders within 48 hours while maintaining a 99.5% fill rate."  

Cheryl Cameron- Treasurer

"Cambro Products may not be the largest remanufacturing company in the World, ..but we are, most definitely,  the best in remanufacturing disc brake calipers."  

Kevin Cameron - President

"Cambro Products Inc. is a family business that has survived more than twenty-eight years in the ever increasing, demanding, automotive aftermarket industry on the principles of three virtues: HONESTY, QUALITY and HARD WORK. Following these tenets has allowed us to produce high quality brake calipers at competitive prices while providing exceptional customer service."                            

Kevin Cameron - President